Lyfe Productives is a social marketing and education firm focused on product development.


Our unique and proven approach develops and implements products, campaigns, and ideas that are good for our planet and society. We exist mainly in three fields: Education, Health, and Entertainment. Our client portfolio includes Kaiser Permanente, Comedy Central, Alameda County Department of Health, and the Pan-African Film Festival. We also collaborate with universities and education departments across the country.

A word from our Director and Founder, Ise Lyfe

I started Lyfe Productives 15 years ago because of a void I saw in how products were being marketed, especially when it came to how products were being marketed to people of color. There was either the hyper pushing of poisonous and or purposeless products or ideas, or there were really good products and ideas out there that were not being presented in a way provocative enough to compete with the other not-so-good things in the market.

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Past and Current Clients


"Lyfe Productives exhibited an uncanny ability to connect with disenfranchised communities. The program they designed and facilitated for Kaiser is unprecedented and I really hope it becomes a national model!"

Debborah Jackson, Regional Diversity Operations, KAISER PERMANENTE

“Lyfe Productives has been pushing against the conventional supply-driven tide of marketing, communications and product promotion for years. Now that the market and municipalities have begun framing education and healthcare with a new lens, Lyfe Productives is ideally positioned to play a leading role in the way we communicate the need and objective of a healthier, smarter future.”

Justin Orenstein, Communications and Project Coordinator at ICON Community Development Corporation