Mission Statement

Lyfe Productives is a social marketing and education firm focused on product development. Our unique and proven approach develops and implements products, campaigns, and ideas that are good for our planet and society. We exist mainly in three fields: Education, Health, and Entertainment. Our client portfolio includes Kaiser Permanente, Comedy Central, Alameda County Department of Health, and the Pan-African Film Festival. We also collaborate with universities and education departments across the country.  

Word From Our Founder and Director

Ise Lyfe, Founder and Director of Lyfe Productives

Ise Lyfe, Founder and Director of Lyfe Productives

I started Lyfe Productives 15 years ago because of a void I saw in how products were being marketed, especially when it came to how products were being marketed to people of color. Two unfortunate phenomenons were at play (and still are):

1. The hyper pushing of poisonous and or purposeless products or ideas to already marginalized consumers and communities

2. Really good products and ideas out there  were not being presented in a way provocative enough to compete with the other not-so-good things in the market.  


I believe that as often as possible a product should inform and engage the wholeness of an audience. LP was birthed on that notion. An ambitious notion that products, whether developed for educational or entertainment purposes can be both helpful and profitable. To be honest back then I was younger and maybe a little crazier, so we were going for a long shot in the dark- but it turned out we were onto something! 

Lyfe Productives has worked and succeeded in enhancing messaging and product development across a mosaic of genres and fields of business. From major network production development for New Wave and Comedy Central to developing and  implementing health disparity prevention programming for Kaiser Permanente- we’ve proven that not only is it possible to create a provocative culture of awareness through product development, it is the best way to engage audiences for long term retention. 

What’s next?

There is a huge disparity in the amount of resources and effort that healthy food, lifestyle, and information companies put into marketing and making their products and services accessible or even known to urban consumers. The common and prejudice thinking is that people who are from urban environments have no interest in making healthier decisions with the food they buy or recreational things they spend their money on. This is a narrow assessment. The reality is that while these companies are ignoring this market consumer base, fast food outlets and other predatory marketing branches take an absolute interest in these demographics and saturate the market with relatively no competition from healthier alternatives. 

Our current aim is to engage great and well intentioned products with urban consumers to market better life choices, as well as a broaden and reinforce ethically a better business decision for healthy lifestyle brands and products.

Looking Forward,

Ise Lyfe

Founder and Director | Lyfe Productives